SoShy first got revealed by the international hit “Morning After Dark” which she co-wrote and sang with Timbaland (from his album “Shock Value 2”) in 2009. She has a great soulful voice and a unique & original image (beautiful & tattooed in a very sci-fi design). She speaks English, French and Spanish.

This song received a lot of Radio airplay globally (reaching #3 on the charts in Belgium, #1 in Bulgaria, #8 on the European Hot 100 Singles, #6 in Germany, #6 in Sweden, #6 in the UK, #5 in Romania, #61 on Billboard Charts in the US, #8 in Canada, #19 in Australia and #13 in France, etc.), and it also was recorded in a French version for France and Canada, which got additional airplay.

This collaboration exposed SoShy to massive audiences and started the base of a global
following via Radio, TV, and YouTube/Vevo airplay (with over 52 million hits). It also got her live performance appearances with Timbaland on the 2009 American Music Awards show on the ABC TV network, as well as the Conan O'Brien show on the NBC TV network.

She also received good exposure through two major video games: her song “The Way I” was featured in the Electronic Arts FIFA 2006 game, and her song “Dorothy” got featured in the 2010 version of the FIFA game.
Now, her first solo album is coming out worldwide (on eOne Music) Fall 2014, preceded by two singles. The song “Whateva Man” (feat. Novel) for the urban market and “City Of Angels” for the pop market.

The album "Crack The Code" will be available in two versions: Standard with 11 songs and Deluxe iTunes exclusive with 2 extra songs, for a total of 13 songs. Download “Whateva Man” and “City Of Angels” on iTunes now!
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